Welcome to Iceland


We would like to invite you to experience and learn about this wonderful country. We want to make your experience in Iceland unforgettable. Iceland is called the " Land of Ice and Fire" because it is a country of extremes, with glaciers and volcanic springs located next to each other. We have for years been servicing tourists that visit Iceland with great result and will continue to do so, with great vehicles and great guides we offer you the best possible experience while visiting Iceland. Travel the “Golden Circle” where many natural scenic wonders are located. Create your own adventure with your choice of exciting activities – soak in the Blue Lagoon, go on a whale watching cruise, take a volcanic cave hike, or stroll along coastal lava fields while admiring natural wildlife – its your exploration! Discover the spectacular landscapes and proud people of this small island nation during this fascinating journey.

Private tours are more personal and interactive. Also you save time and see more on your travels.
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Northern Lights

Northern Lights Night Tour

Evening tour to see the amazing Northern Lights, one of the worlds most amazing natural phenomenon, also known as the Aurora Borealis.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon - Comfort  

Bathe in the healing waters of the mineral rich Blue Lagoon. 1-5 person in a brand new Mercedes Benz V-class luxury minibus.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle

Take a day trip that brings you close to some of Iceland's most beautiful  natural sites.

Whale waching

Whale Watching- Winter

Enjoy an unique and memorable whale watching tour. Experience getting up close to the incredible creatures. 

Private Airport Transfer and

            Blue Lagoon

Our Blue Lagoon private airport transfer is a good and comfortable way to travel to and from Iceland.

Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall

Custom Private Tours

We are pleased to help you plan your special private tour in Iceland.

Southern Iceland Waterfalls

and Beaches Day Tour

The South Coast of Iceland has many natural wonders and charming villages to explore.

Brand new Mercedes Benz V- class

Private airport transfer

​We offer you our private airport transfers from and to Keflavik airport.