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Golden Circle Luxury Tour


Take a day trip that brings you close to some of Iceland's most beautiful natural sites. Begin with a visit to the national park "Thingvellir", where the Icelandic parliament Alþingi was founded in the year 930 AD. The park is very interesting with a geographical and historical significance. Here you can see the effect of the shift of tectonic plates that have opened large holes and cracks in the crust. After that we will head to the geothermal area "Geysir", where we will see eruptions every 5-10 minutes and many small water bubbling springs. Geyser Strokkur erupts much more frequently than Geysir, erupting to heights of up to 30 metres every few minutes. The Great Geysir has been dormant since 1916 when it suddenly ceased to spout. We continue to colossal waterfall "Gullfoss", called by many Icelanders' most beautiful waterfall in Iceland formed by the river" Hvita ". The waterfall is 32 meters (105 feet) high. Next stop is "Faxi" waterfall wich is located on the Tungufljót river. The waterfall is full of salmon and is a great spot for fishing. We will stop at "Fridheimar", eco-area, where you will learn about growing organic vegetables using geothermal heat, which in Iceland is plentiful. Here you can have a lunch brake before we head back home. We want to add something unique to your experience and that's why we will also visit the big volcanic crater called "Kerid". The crater Kerið was formed about 6,500 years ago and lies at the northern end of a row of craters known as Tjarnarhólar. It is oval, about 270 m long, 170 m wide and 55 m deep: the depth of the water at the bottom varies between 7 and 14 m. Kerið lies in the Iceland's Western Volcanic Zone, which runs through the Reykjanes peninsula and the glacier Langjökull.

Enjoy a more personal experience on this private day trip.

What is included:


Pick up and drop off

Transportation by private driver

Icelandic bottled water

Good to know before you go:


Warm clothing is recommended and a good shoes

Bring your camera to take a pictures of all the action

Food and drinks are not included

Price per vehicle:

1-5 person in a brand new Mercedes Benz V-class luxury minivan.

8 - 9 hrs. 

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